Fact, there is a pay disparity between males and females.  On average men earn more per hour than women. 

Myth, this disparity is the result of some sort of discrimination and the state ought to take action to remedy it.

The New York Times has long whining piece about this alleged discrimination against women. “Gender[sic] Pay Gap, Once Narrowing, Is Stuck in Place:”

Throughout the 1980s and early ’90s, women of all economic levels — poor, middle class and rich — were steadily gaining ground on their male counterparts in the work force. By the mid-’90s, women earned more than 75 cents for every dollar in hourly pay that men did, up from 65 cents just 15 years earlier.

Note to the Times, it is not a gender gap.  Only nouns have gender.   It is sex gap.

Long winded rational, there are many factors which determine compensation, experience, training, education, risk, etc.   Men and women get paid differently because they have different priorities and make different career decisions.  Those studies puporting to show a wage gap never take into account the different career decision made by the different sexes.

Short, you don’t like the intricate analysis and believe the statistics are the be all and end all.  Fine.   According the Department of Labor, in 2005, over twelve times as many men were fatally injured in work place as women.   If you believe that statistics prove discrimination, then the workplace has fatal bias against men.

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