And here, dear reader, is why we fight; It’s the only thing they understand.


MOGADISHU, Somalia -AP- Islamic fighters attempting to wrest power from Somalia’s internationally recognized government retreated from the main front line early Tuesday, witnesses said, a day after Ethiopian fighter jets bombed the country’s two main international airports.

Troops loyal to the Council of Islamic Courts withdrew more than 30 miles to the southeast from Daynuney, a town just south of Baidoa, the government headquarters.

The Islamic forces also abandoned their main stronghold in Bur Haqaba and were forming convoys headed toward the capital, Mogadishu, residents in villages along the road told The Associated Press by telephone.

“We woke up from our sleep this morning and the town was empty of troops, not a single Islamic fighter,” Ibrahim Mohamed Aden, a resident of Bur Haqaba said.

On the northern front, government and Ethiopian troops entered the town of Bulo Barde, where just two weeks ago an Islamic cleric said anyone who did not pray five times a day would be executed.

I hold no illusions about the Ethiopians being our freinds or even uncorrupted. But still, credit where it is due…. So… Congrats to the Ethiopians. They’ve discovered that the way to lasting peace is to defeat the enemy. Would that our own left have figured that out.