Well it seems apparent that the accuser in the Duke faux rape case did have sex with at least one yet to be identifed male.    David Scott of the Associated Press is reporting that the accuser has given birth.

RALEIGH, N.C. — The woman at the center of the Duke lacrosse rape case is pregnant and reportedly gave birth Thursday night, roughly nine months after the party where she says she was raped by three men.

The pregnancy was confirmed late Thursday by a person familiar with the case, speaking to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. Both Fox News and WRAL-TV in Raleigh reported she had given birth.

No pictures of the baby were posted with the story, and I admit I am curious.

The indentification in this case consisted of showing the accuser pictures of the Duke lacross team and asking her which players raped her.   Defense attornies have asked that identification be thrown out.  It is hopelessly tainted.  Am not a lawyer, but I do not see where the state has any case left.   Have reached the point where I feel the defendnts would be acquited even if I were to represent them.   Think I am not alone, in that regard.

Update I:  Is pregnant, or was pregnant?   WRAL is reporting that the accuser is due to deliver in February:
WRAL confirmed Thursday that the accuser is pregnant and was admitted to a University of North Carolina hospital. WRAL also reported that she had delivered the baby Thursday night based on information from sources who have been reliable in the past. This time they were incorrect. WRAL has since learned that the accuser is not due to deliver until February.

Confusing story.

Update II:  The story gets a little clearer.   If the accuser had retained any crediblity it is gone.   She denied having had sex prior the alleged incident.   KC of Durham-in-Wonderland reports she in fact  had sex with five different men, none of whom played lacross for Duke:

Meehan never explained, however, how he would impinge upon the other 43 players’ privacy by producing a report that (a) conclusively stated that no DNA matches existed between the unindicted players and the accuser and (b) matches did exist between five other males and the accuser
I realize that rape shield laws have a noble intent.   However it is grossly unfair for a woman of dubious moral character to be able in impugn three innocent young men while hersefl remaining anonymous.                    

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