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Clinton’s Domestic Syping

Byron York [1] over at The Corner raises an interesting issue:


I have a new story [2] up about reports that U.S. intelligence tapped Princess Diana’s phones in 1997.  It’s tempting to dismiss such accounts, especially given the sensational nature of some British papers, but reports that the wiretaps included U.S. businessman — and prominent Republican — Theodore Forstmann make this a very serious issue.  If the U.S. listened in on his conversations — Forstmann is what’s known in the intel/legal trade as a “U.S. person” — did it have a warrant?  And if not, does that make this the Clinton administration’s version of “domestic spying?”

Well, swerves into it, seems to fit better.

We’ve spent an awful lot of spittle and fury over GWB’s suppsoedly illegal ‘domestic spying’. Why nothing about Bill Clinton, given the evidence in front of us?

Appendum: (DavidL)   Over on Powerline,  Scott and John have an intertesting story, “Mickey Kaus claims to have cracked the Di/Forstmann case [3],”   I am not signing on to Kaus’ theory.   It does seem pausible and certainly interesting.

Addenedum II: (Bit) York puts it in long form [4].