No arguments, Billy, with any of it.

But I really have to say once again that the only time you ever see Democrats talking about “bipartisanship” is when they realize they’re vulnerable.  One health problem, and that newfound strength they thought they had in that one vote senate majority, suddenly becomes vulnerability again… And the constant bleating for “bipartisanship” reflects this vulnerability.

The fact of the matter is was and remains, that the state in question has long been Republican, and the same people that elected Johnson, elected Thune. the argument that “the people spoke and wanted Democrats” rings hollow, thereby.

All of this is for naught in any event.

Look, regardless of any other event, if it’s needed, if it comes to it and Tim Johnson turns out to be worse than what we’re seeing at the moment, they will keep Tim Johnson on life support indefinitely, so that they can maintain their hold on Congress.  Suddenly, they will be the fighting for the life of the individual (Johnson, specifically) regardless of written wishes of Johnson, wishes of the family, or anything else, unlike the position they took with that lady in Florida a couple years ago.

In short, they will become anything they have to be, do anything they have to do, to maintain power.  And in reality that’s all this ever was about.

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