Eric Florack on December 2nd, 2006

Stop by and read McQ’s telling of a story about a chopper pilot who more than earned her pay. We as a nation are blessed to have such people wearing our uniform.

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Eric Florack on December 2nd, 2006

So, “Media Matters” has fallen to quibbling over who first started using a particular phrase denigrating their biggest supporters?  Summary: In a syndicated column, Bill O’Reilly falsely claimed to have “coined the term ‘San Francisco values.’ ” In fact, the term “San Francisco values” has been used to attack political opponents since at least the […]

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About 4,470,000, that is the number of hits I got on Google, when seached on “nigger.”  Your results may vary.  Say what you want about the word, it sure gets used a lot. Which brings up Micheal Richards recent verbal gaffe, tirade.  That Richards used the word, indicates that Richards has a temper, don’t we […]

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Eric Florack on December 2nd, 2006

Power Line notes this morning: Even with all of the recent talk about foreign policy “realism,” one of the major tenets of leading realists (George F. Kennan and Hans Morgenthau come to mind) has gone largely ignored. Most realists subscribe to the view that any state that seeks to accumulate too much power will almost […]

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davidl on December 2nd, 2006

Ok, I didn’t know who Rose Mattus was.   I am a fan of her product.  as all ice cream lovers are.   Rose and Reuben Mattus founded Häagen-Dazs, Rose Mattus, who died on Tuesday aged 90, was the co-founder of Häagen-Dazs luxury ice cream; she spent her early childhood in the back streets of Manchester, and […]

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