Eric Florack on December 1st, 2006

… Really. That weather front came through this afternoon and to say it rained is like saying that the Atlantic ocean has some water in it.  It’s still raining outside, pretty much, and it’s windy, too.  Our neighborhood, while not getting hit as badly as some other areas of the country, still is feeling the […]

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Eric Florack on December 1st, 2006

Let me put this business with Barak Obama into some perspective: Hillary Clinton. There are a number of Democrats who figure Hillary is going to run… Obama and his supporters among them. My take here is that Obama and his supporters know that there’s a long road ahead for them, to get to the rockstar […]

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davidl on December 1st, 2006

The strangest political ground swell continues.  Why in the World is Barack Obama considered a presidential canidate?   The man has literallly no resume, no ideas and virtually no experience.   Yet now only is Obama apparently running, he may be scaring out every democrat aspirant aside from John Kerry, who can’t read a poll. Obama reminds […]

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Eric Florack on December 1st, 2006

Ace notes Andrew the Excitable as saying: I’ve often wondered how many straight Catholics fully appreciate how gay their church has always been. Especially in the old days. High Mass was, in its heyday, more elaborate and choreographed than a very melodramatic Broadway musical. Do people really believe that gay priests and religious had nothing […]

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