Alcee Hastings Mrs. Pelosi has, apparently, come to her senses. Michele Malkin reports that Representative Alcee Hastings is out of consideration for the chair of the House Intellgence Committee.  I commend Mrs. Pelosi for the move.  The nation will be better served but alas Rush LImbaugh will have to work harder Not to worry there are still John Conyers. Charlie Rangel and Henry Waxman for comic relief.

Update: (Bit)

Might have been this post from Michelle Malkin that did him in. Then again, it might not.


One Response to “Wicked Witch of the West Beats Alcee Hastings with Her Broom”

  1. I am sceptical that anybody on Mrs. Pelosi’s
    staff would read Mitchell.  The LSM was
    not behind Hastingss.  Aside from the
    Congressional Black Caucus, nobody was.