I can’t say that I have been this pleased this quickly about how a site falls together as I have been with this project.  Those who have been readers for quite awhile will understand the depth of what I’m saying here.

I must say, that getting WORDPRESS going, and looking good, was far easier than I had envisioned it. Indeed, the only fly in the ointment thus far has been my inability to bring all of the ratings over from the old Blogspot blog.  At this stage, the count is somewhere around 4500 and change posts, which is about half of the total that we had online at the old site.

That sort of problem aside, this thing has fallen together so quickly, that I keep looking around, thinking I had forgotten something.  Now, it should be said in that context, that my years of making the most out of Blogger, served me very well, in terms of understanding all the technical concepts involved.  Well, most of them, anyway.  There were few aspects of handling the database that I had only seen in passing in the blogging context.  (Yes, of course, I’ve dealt with databases in my professional life for twenty years, but using them in this fashion was an entirely new thing for me. )

I should say a word, about the comments.  First of all anybody can register.  However, at the moment, I have it set so that I need to approve all comments before they go up.  I’m sure that as I get used to using that part of the software, I will ease that off a notch or three.  But please do register so that you can comment.