Just got back from a trip to the rail line.  Matt, my older boy wanted to try his hand at some Night photos.  Still plenty warm, around here, probably the last warm night of the year, and I wanted to take advantage of it.  I had to run out for some gas, anyway. 

To the surprise of nobody, Bill Frist is not running for president in this cycle.  The fact is, he was never a serious contender in any event accepted his own mind.  Not that he wouldn’t make a reasonably good president… in a utilitarian sort of way.  I just don’t think he stood much of a chance given the field.  Nothing there to excite foloks, and it looks like that’s what will be needed to turn 08 away form the ‘rats. On the other hand, if he didn’t stand much of a chance in the field as its developed so far this time around, when will he? 

AM stations from all over the south, tonight… WSM, WRVA, WBT, WSB, and a bunch more. Usually, when southern signals get that strong around here, the weather’s about to change rather drastically.

Short ramble, tonight. Gotta hit the sack.