The weather is finally changing, around here…. a cold front moving through, and it’s been raining nonstop for the last four hours or so.  Driving home was an interesting adventure.  Apparently the signal patterns on the night time AM band predicting the weather change was accurate again. The change did come, and right on time.

It actually made it up to around 70° today , which for this area is a record by about 2°.  Not all that much to write home about… It’s a little unusual to be this warm and this time of year but not totally so. 

One of the problems with putting away the trailer early this year, is that the grill only works with the trailer.  It’s designed that way.  So we found ourselves without a grill to cook out on. Well tonight, we solved that problem.  We bought a little gas powered grill, just big enough for a couple or three steaks, and went to town… grilling some fine steaks, and some carrots, too. ‘shrooms and some fresh bread on the side.  since we put the trailer way over a month ago we haven’t had a grilled meal like that in some time.  I’d forgotten how much I missed it. 

I’m working on putting together a website for my older boy. Looks right now, like it’ll be on WordPress, which is what we’re on here.

We’re putting a new bathroom sink in this weekend, along with a new medicine cabinet and new lighting fixture over the whole deal and so on.  Going to be an interesting week and if a little on the busy side.  But it’ll be worth it.  We’ve been letting the bathroom go for a lot longer than it should have been, mostly for financial reasons.  But now we can get that mess cleaned up. The Smalley can the faucet was one thing, but the look was beginning to grate on my nerves. It’ll be a nice change.

I am a little disappointed, but not very surprised, that the account for this new web site hasn’t come up to the normal levels we had with the Blogspot Blog, more quickly than it has.  Still, as I say, I’m not really surprised, it’s going to take awhile to get back to those levels.  That’s OK, because I need the extra bandwidth at the site to get things arranged properly.  The amount of uploading that my older boy was going to be doing very shortly is going to come out of the budget as well.  So, it’s just as well. 

It’s late again, so I better hit it. Just one more day to the weekend… and I might actually get the chance to sleep in. Given we have an older dog in the house, I tend to doubt it, but, hey, I can dream, can’t I ?

Well, maybe we ought to find another way to phrase that. 

Speaking of dreams, I have a specialty dish for somebody’s restaurants; we’ll take Thai food and put it in flat bread… and we’ll call them Thai wraps.

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