After 3 and a half years at Blogspot, I decided it was time for a change of venue. Blogger wasn’t bad, particularly for what I paid for it. But, when my older boy asked me for his own website, for his train photos, I decided I was going to need a domain and a fairly substantial site.

So, as I had the money on that particular weekend, I ordered up the domain, and the website.

Normally, I’d spare you the tale of woe , but those of you currently under Blogspot will appreciate this;

My first move was to have Blogspot publish to my new web server. Only one problem; Blogspot kept dropping the FTP connection in mid push. Arrgh!
And since the “bitheads” subdomain was released.. going back wasn’t going to happen, either… backing the changes off was impossible… someone was apparently camped on my domain, and took it over the very SECOND I vacated it.
So, since Blogspot still had the database available to me, I decided to go to WordPress, which has a fairly decent converter routine. Well, that wasn’t much help either, again, because of the relative size involved, apparently. The conversion process was painful, to say the least. At this writing, I’ve still not got it all, and frankly, I MAY not get it all. My advice: Try to get other backups of your blogspot work before you vacate your current blogspot address.

I’m reluctant to leave behind all the posts from the last several years, without a fight. So I’ll be working on that aspect, first.
Anyway, the new place looks to be far better. We now have categories, which allows me to run my Bits Bivouacs postings, under a category called “RV Life”. (That blog imported well, so you’ll see some of those posts pretty close to the top of the heap for a couple days or so) There’s a few breakout categories already and I’m sure we’ll be adding more.

The comments section, which I’m just getting my arms around, looks far better than the Haloscan one we had over to the old site, and darned sure better than anything Blogger ever came up with.

You can see there’s much to do… there’s a lot of things that need adding and some things that need subtracting. But I’m as pleased about this as I possibly could be; after a week of work, BitsBlog has a heartbeat, again.

Thanks for waiting. I promise, it’ll be worth it.