Tony Hendra displays a scabble like list of bodily functons with a moron’s understanding of them.    What is remarkable about Hendra tirade is how little media response is has generated:

Allow me to enlarge somewhat O Lord upon this particular thanks. Despite six years of suppurating drivel from his catamites about leadership and inner strength and Christian fortitude and courage under fire: George W Bush is, was and always will be that sneering, leering little creep who came to school in a chauffeur-driven car, yelled racist epithets at the scholarship kids, tripped up the guy on crutches, stuck his paw up the dress of any girl he pleased, had his toadies beat up anyone smart or weak or different, insulted teachers to their faces – and got away with it all, because his Dad had just endowed the new sports stadium.

I will not link to the Puffinton Post.  I do present it as evidence of the liberal mind, such as it is.    The media response to Hendra simply is not there.     Recalling reprobates, like Hendra, is the Lords’ work, and I am but a mortal.