Look, I don’t know anyone who would be taking Maureen Dowd very seriously anymore.  That point aside, her writing of the other day, shows is clearly that the left really didn’t have anything in terms of a plan for Iraq.

Iraq now evokes that old Jimmy Durante song that goes, “Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go and still have the feeling that you wanted to stay?”

It’s hard to remember when America has been so stuck. We can’t win and we can’t leave.

The good news is that the election finished what Katrina started. It dismantled the president’s fake reality about Iraq, causing opinions to come gushing forth from all quarters about where to go from here.

The bad news is that no one, and I mean no one, really knows where to go from here.

So, in reality, the only thing the Democrats had going for them going into the election was they didn’t much like the plan that George W. Bush had laid out for Iraq… Which, in truth, was not all that different from the plan as regards Germany, and Japan following WWII.  It’s nice, however, to hear them at least admit that they really didn’t have a better option.  It’s nice to hear them admit, what I’ve been saying all along; there really isn’t a better option.

It would’ve been handy, however, to have this admission from the leftists’ cheering section, somewhere prior to the election. we might have actually saved some lives that way.

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