LONDON —(Fox)- Scotland Yard detectives said Saturday that a London sushi restaurant frequented by a former Russian spy turned Kremlin critic who died with a rare radioactive substance in his system had to be decontaminated after polonium-210 was found.

Alexander Litvinenko died late Thursday at a London hospital after days in intensive care as doctors puzzled over what was destroying his immune system and causing his organs to fail.  Police said they were not yet treating the case as a murder, rather as an “unexplained death.”

Well, you always knew that sushi was gonna kill you, eventually.

Meanwhile, I’m seeing unconfirmed reports that Litvinenko converted to Islam before his death. there’s something a little on about all this.  There is something going on here that runs a little deeper than Litvinenko and Putin. what, exactly, I don’t know.  But I get the feeling that we’re not going in the end of this one for several years.