Did you happen to see the full page ad in the New York Times bought by Yoko Ono? It ran the Sunday edition. She’s urging readers to accept responsibility for all of the violence and the suffering that’s going on around the world. It’s all OUR fault, of course, because, she says, we failed intervene on behalf of all the victims around the world.

Ummmmm Yoko, Honey?

If you look real closely you may notice that to we’re involved in just such an operation right now, in Iraq. And were you not just raising hell that we were doing that?

I am reminded of an old National Lampoon bit off of a classic album called “Radio Dinner”. It’s hard to find these days. It’s been out a press for a couple of decades that I’m aware of. I’m not even sure it was ever released on CD. Anyway one of the bits was sung…(In a fair imitation of Paul McCartney’s voice)

Give Ireland are back to the Irish
Give Lapland back to the Laps
Give China back to the Chinese
And Yoko back to the Japs

I mean, I’d hate like hell to stick them with her, but I think we’ve had her around long enough, now, thank you.

Appendum:  (DavidL)    I am an old guy.  “Imagine World Peace” is an old expression.   Trite too.   The problem with imagination is that imagination can not alter reality.   The Yoko Ono treatment has no ability to deal with the real world.

Imagine this.  It is four in the moring and you hear a loud crashing sould where  your front door used to be.   You awake to a perp taking dead aim at with a Model 1911. A.C.P..   Now close your eyes for a momenta and imagine the perp and the 1911 are no longer in your bedroom.  Now open your eyes again.   The perp and the 1911 are still there.  The Yoko Ono method of problem solving has failed you.   It fails every time.