Welcome to the ever growing world of BitsBlog.BitsBlog is run by Eric “BitHead” Florack, with able writing help from old friend DavidL, and new freind, Fersboo.

Bit’s a vet of some 25 years of online discussions of politics, starting in the old FIDONET and GT networks, then moving to Usenet and finally having his own website about 1996.

DavidL is no stranger to Online political discussions, having been involved back in the GT and Fido days, as well.
Both David and Bit hail from Rochester, NY

Fersboo is from Annapolis MD, and started on BitsBlog in 2004.

BitsBlog, per se, has been around since June of 2002, starting life as a Blogspot blog. BitsBlog became a stand-alone Blog, running WordPress software on Thanksgiving Day, 2006.