Playing with the layout of the blog tonight. I’m having a little difficulty with the right side bar, attempting to fit the elements from the old blog into the new one.  The turns out that the bit more of a problem than I thought it might be.  So, no I have ever move the associations from its blog; I still consider myself a member of the Republican Attack Squad, Blogs For Bush, and of course the 101st. it’s just that I’m trying to figure out how to fit them in.  Call it growing pains. 

One other problem I’ve noticed, is that I’m not too pleased with how the photographs we put up are being wrapped around by the text.  It’s the one major flaw that I found in this template, so far.  Just the thing to while away a foggy Tuesday night. 

And oh boy, is ever foggy outside.  I can just about make out the Christmas decorations on the house across the street, which normally is lit up like something you’d find at a municipal airport, this time of year. Just as glad I’m not on call tonight. With my luck, I’d end up having to drive in this nonsense.  I’ve done my share of that, thank you.

Actually, I probably should have taken advantage of the evening and gone over to where I usually shoot pictures of Christmas decorations.  If I got lucky the fog might actually give a little light for the Christmas decorations to play off of. might make for an interesting effect. 

I see Billy’s back on line. Good.
To be honest, I generally don’t read Billy’s site directly, usually taking my feeds through Bloglines, instead. So it was that I didn’t know he was down, until I tried to hit the site from work this afternoon about three.  He actually went down, he says at about Midnight. Makes sense, I guess; if they’re automated that’d be the time they’d throw the switch.

One thing I finally got around to doing tonight, other then piddling with the site, was to read Jonah’s ” Tradition Matters”, which I commend to YOUR reading. I’m going to be thinking about this for the next few days… there’s a lot of things to cover there, and I think the thing is good to use as a springboard.

Another thing I’m toying with is the Firefox update, which includes a spell checker that gets used in input fields. Slicker than PTFE, that.

In the MP3 player is a real find.. a 1985 release of Max Leake’s “Buns in the Sun”. Max is a jazz Pianist, out of the Pittsburgh area, I think. A heck of a nice album, a nice smooth feel trough the whole thing. It was a favorite of mine when I was doing morning drive for Jazz radio back then.  It always annoyed me that this disk didn’t go large for Leake… he deserved it. The disk was that good. No joke… despite the fact that it was never released on anything but a very small label… and then only on an LP. I’d forgotten how much I liked this one. (Yes, I ripped it to MP3 a few years ago). I gather he’s got a new one out… the first since 85… was recorded in July of 2004. I’ll have to check that one out.

Enough rambling. I’m off to bed.

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