Eric Florack on November 26th, 2006

PowerLine: During this year’s political campaign, Republicans accused the Democrats of having no ideas other than opposition to whatever President Bush is for. To counter that perception, Nancy Pelosi announced a legislative program the centerpieces of which were raising the minimium wage (how that’s for an original idea?) and freeing the government to negotiate lower […]

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Eric Florack on November 26th, 2006

-(Newsmax)- Whistle-blowers tipped off the government to $1.3 billion worth of fraud cases over the past year, largely at hospitals or other health care providers, the Justice Department said Tuesday.In all, the department recovered $3.1 billion in settlements – what prosecutors said was a record amount – from individuals and companies during the 2006 fiscal […]

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Eric Florack on November 26th, 2006

Good news for you folks who read BitsBlog offline. I’ve got the RSS and ATOM feeds going, in the usual locations. If you’re getting me via BlogLines… and there were a bunch of you on the other site… I’d suggest using the ATOM feed… it’s a bit more inclusive.

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Eric Florack on November 26th, 2006

A few clips of Fran, yesterday, along with my comments; Your Curmudgeon is an ardent hawk. He believes passionately that Islam must be whipped back into its Arabian kennel and quarantined there, no matter what that undertaking might do to the price of oil. The evidence of the past thirty years is unambiguous on this […]

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Just yesterday, I commented on this brand new Israeli initiative for peace. First of all this is a game we’ve played so many times, it’s taking on the status of Charlie Brown and the football. The game always ends the same Charlie Brown’s flat on his back looking up at the sky. Secondly the final […]

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davidl on November 26th, 2006

Lori Montgomery and Christopher Lee’s article the the Washington Post is illumunating. One, it illlustrates how the MSM ignored largely successful republican programs in the run up the the election and let the democrats run on sound byte politics. Two, it demonstrates the problem when sound byte campaign run smack into real world politics.  Democrat […]

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