When we woke up in the morning, we must have spent at least an hour listening to the birds and the squirrels making noise all around us. That’s something we don’t often do at home. We had some breakfast, and went along home to take care of medicating the cats.

When we got back to camp, we found things as we’d left them, except that the place was decidedly cooler thanks to the previous night’s storms. Oh… we did manage to bring back a lot of early morning bugs with us; A sure sign of trailering in lake country…

We spent the day mostly lounging around and getting used to the new trailer, and some of the things I’d built up to add over the winter. In the process, we found that the boys were both more physically active than we’d seen them in a long while. Particularly the younger boy…On the playground…
Chucking rocks into the lake…

… and just generally being kids. Truth to tell, that did us a lot of good all by itself. While watching the rocks being drowned, I noted the way the light played on the waves, again, and caught this.

I’m forced by logistics to bend the photographic timeline to explain something to you.
Right smack dab in the middle of the shot, is a point of land out into the lake. I am not all sure what the point of land is called, since it doesn’t show up on the map. But whoever owns that parcel of land put on a show of fireworks that night that was hours long. Must have totaled thousands of dollars. It provided an interesting contrast to the extended pyrotechnic display of the previous evening from the farmers. The sight of the fireworks playing off the water was impressive to say the least.

Prior to the fireworks, of course, was a sunset. One of the best sunsets I’d seen in a long time… There’s something about the sunsets along the shore of a large body of water.

We had a nice campfire, including some wood left over from our Cohocton trip, some I’d found on the road…(apparently having fallen off someone’s pickup truck and into the road) and some we found scavenging the lake shore.

All in all, a wonderful time.