We’re at that part of the year where we’re not quite ready to bring the Kiwi home, and yet we’re champing at the bit to bring it home.

This year perhaps, came a little earlier than some years, given that this is a relatively gentle winter around here.  Yet, the temperatures are still maxing in the fifties, and the ground is a little wet.  Great way to get it stuck in the mud.

So, we’re waiting for a few weeks.

I have a number of projects to deal with before we take the trailer out on a shakedown run, too. Some of these will need to be dealt with at the RV dealer, saome I’ll do myself.

At the Dealer’s:

  • The Rig’s air conditioner need service, it didn’t appear to be working very well at the end of last summer.  Fortunately we didn’t need it since it was so cold around here in the fall.
  • Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, is the idea that the thing needs a spare tire.  I’m not happy about even local runs with this thing without a spare mounted, and I’m darned sure not going to take it out on any long hauls without one.  Since the rig has a receiver mounted, the dealership proposes putting a contraption together to mount the spare tire to the receiver, with a fold over catch so that the back bad can fold down for camp mode.  It’ll add a little weight to the back, but I’m not worried about it. The cost of the tire, wheel, and stand for the receiver, is going to end up running us about $200.00.  That coupled with the storage charges, are a little bit more than I have on hand at the moment and so we wait a couple paychecks. (grrrrrr)
  • Finally, one of the stabilizer jacks is broken, and will need to be fixed under warranty repair.  It’s a small thing, but I’m not really equipped for the repair so, I’ll let them do it.
  • Given we put a grand total of about 200 miles on the rig before winter closed it, it’s my guess we won’t need to pack the bearings for the start of this season. It’d be nice if they have a look, but I won’t worry if they don’t.
  • Some of the things I need to do what I get it home:

  • Flush out the plumbing, and install a new filter for the city connection.
  • I’d also like to see about a bypass valve of some sort, to allow me to fill the fresh water holding tank off the City Connection. this would require moving the filter to the “cold” side of the system.  That way regardless of where the water is sourced from, it gets filtered.
  • I’m going to see what I can do about putting aside the speakers on the secondary jacks of the stereo into storage compartments facing the awning area. The existing Stereo has a speaker switch allowing for just such an installation. This addition would allow for music under the awning.  I already had the speakers picked out for the purpose.  Of course, I’m aware that there are some places where that is simply not a good idea.  But it’s nice to have the option.
  • Wash and wax. I have a truck wash nearby that can accomidate the rig easily. Good thing, too, since I can’t reach the top without a ladder.
  • I need to add 12vdc taps to the outside of the rig; One to the rearward awning post, awning side, (To power the awning lights) and one on the hitch. Also, possibly, one amidships on either side.  This would allow for my air compressor and powered Jack to work directly from the RV battery.  One on the backend might not hurt either, since that’s where the spare will be stored.
  • While I’m laying out some wiring , it might not be a bad idea for me to add some medium power flood lighting to the front of the rig, hitch side.  That would help, when hooking and unhooking in the dark.  Not quite sure where I’ll mount that yet, however.  Probably, somewhere on the hitch.
  • There’s a few light bulbs that need replacing.  Most of these are on the inside.  Good thing I’ve got lots of spares.
  • I’ll be taking photographs and posting them of each of these projects as I accomplished them, and of course any trips we decide to go on.  My guess is we’ll be doing an awful lot of local runs to state Parks in the immediate neighborhood.