Let’s talk about Iraq, and the tape released the other day from Usama BinLaden… there are several remarkable things about it.

For example, the idea that BinLaden considers himsef to be leading a ‘nation’. Consider his comments… “we are a nation forbidden by God…””

Wait a second.
Hold it.
Full Stop.
Back the truck up.

What nation would THAT be?

Certainly not Afghanistan which he was removed from, not Iraq, (Ditto) and not Pakistan… and so on. What then?

He’s clearly operating under some idea of Pan-Arabism. .. the same kind of Pan-Arabism indicated by the meeting/stroking festival of Iran, Syria and the PA, yesterday.

For another, the similarity between what the Democrats here in the U.S. have been saying and what we heard on the tape.  The main thrust of what BinLaden came up with the other day, what Gore came up with a couple of days before, and what the Democrats are been coming up with since before we invaded Iraq, are one in the same. This point and not be qualified, nor danced around.

I take it is assumed out of hand that BinLaden cannot be considered trustworthy. So, too, as do most Democrats, even.  Thus, do we see a bit of a problem for the Democrats who now find themselves forced into disagreeing with the nonsense they’ve been putting into our news media since before we invaded Iraq, lest they be seen, properly, as siding with BinLaden.

The purpose of BinLaden releasing that tape is simple; It is to obtain in truce, what he could not on the battlefield. So why did he sound like he was reading Err America press releases?

That’s also pretty basic. He may not know much about American life, but he knows this much: The public relations war here in the US is at least as important as the war that he’s fighting in Iraq. This is not a situation of the Democrats adopting the terrorist plans, but rather OBL, who has adopted the talking points of the left. He knows the biggest friend that he has in the United States is the American left in general, and the Democratic party, in particular. That’s what that entire speech was about; snuggling up to those on the left.

And why would he need to do this? Look at the kind of war BinLaden’s been waging; This is a two front war; BinLaden knows he’s lost on the battlefield. Indeed, he’s always known it… even before 9/11. However, combined with the political pressure of his Democrat freinds, he has a chance of winning; it’s his only chance, in fact. So to win his war, he needs to convince and cheerlead the Democrats to fight for him and remove America form the equation.

Sad to say, give the state of the left in ths country that’s feasable. Democrats are at the moment so open to any idea that is “NotBush”, they’ll follow anything… including BinLaden himself, so long as they think it will elect a Democrat.

BinLaden’s thugs winning or not, now depends utterly on what the willing idiots in the DNC do now. Given the utter stupidity the Democrats have been showing over time, alonng with their lack of perceptio and heir lack of ability to change for the better, this is not encouraging for the future of our country.