Think about what would happen, were I to say:

“We have to exterminate Black people off the face of the planet to solve this problem. … So we just have to just set up our own system and stop playing and get very serious and not be diverted from coming up with a solution to the problem, and the problem on the planet is Black people.”

I’d be shouted off the Blogging world… and denounced by passerby. The News media would get involved at report on the white racist, and how ‘he’s a Republican, too, and has even dared to support George W. Bush in the past.”

So, enter Kamau Kambon, an author who teaches North Carolina State’s Africana Studies program. who said on Oct. 14 during a conference at Howard University in Washington:

“We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem. … So we just have to just set up our own system and stop playing and get very serious and not be diverted from coming up with a solution to the problem, and the problem on the planet is white people.”

So, where is the outcry about this racist? Nowhere to be found, except in the ‘sphere, I’m afraid.

Even my own reaction is somewhat muted because idiots like this keep popping up with some regularity. Twenty years ago, back in the BBS days, I’ve made a big deal out of this story as told and linked by the Lovely Michelle. I’d have done so because of the time it was almost unheard of that anybody who skin was black could be considered a racist. To even think of a black person as a racist was about as welcome in our public discourse as a fart in church.

These days however, the concept is somewhat more generally accepted and certainly less argued about in public, so, stories like this generally don’t make as much of the splash anymore. This is unfortunate because the lack of complaints tends to suggest an acceptance of this kind of nonsense. The problem is, how many times can you write the same thing over twenty years and not lose a little impact on the topic?

But at least, there’s been enough of this kind of incident over the last twenty years however to start picking up some patterns… disturbing ones.

John Sanders over at Carolina Journal puts up a couple of interesting facts about this professors history that I didn’t know. For one thing, he’s apparently part of a black studies program at North Carolina State University.

This is interesting, because it points up something that I’ve started noticing over the last five are six years. When black extremist racists show up in the news of late they are either part of the government, or else there teaching at some state school . This apparently is no exception, as John points out.

We’ve seen professors of black studies going off the deep end before and remarked about it. However, we have never addressed the issue of what it is about black professors in black study programs that engenders this kind of antisocial, racist, and behavior.

There seems to me a question of sympathies involved here. The question further involves what kind of background the teacher has and what kind of political outlook they have going forward. Is there something about black study programs that attracts these kinds of people? In short, must one be an extreme leftist and black racist activist to teach a black studies program at the college level? Such Programs do seem to attract more than their share of this type of individual. But why?

By way of comparison, I daresay we can have studies surrounding world war two without having the teacher be a former leader of the Third Reich. Similarly, we can study the former USSR, without the need of a Stalinist teaching the course. Yes, I know that’s going to raise some higher among some of my black leaders… the comparison of black studies teachers to Stalinists and Nazis. But what kind of behavior would you call using a professorship at a state run college or anything containing unnamed college, to call for the extermination of an entire race, if not totalitarian?

Certainly, we have studies of politics and events within the United States with, I suppose, the vast majority of the teaching staff not being sympathetic to America its causes, its values, and its goals. That last, perhaps is another topic unto itself. Or, is it?

The pattern that we’re seeing here is one that is much larger than simply racial, and certainly not focused on black studies alone. Our arguments have always been not about race, but about culture. The fact of the matter is, they always have been.

I raise the issue of studies of politics and events within the United States and how such are taught at colleges and universities, to point out a pattern… a pattern that is of a kind with the call for the extermination of the “white race”… the prevalence of animosity towards the United States, and Western Culture in general that’s being taught our young people in our supposed of higher learning.

I mentioned yesterday about the amount of static coming from the far left, (And, the resulting political scramble) over the burning of a couple of Taiban rader bodies in Afghanistan a few days ago. It strikes me as interesting and revealing, that the people screaming the loudest about this event, are the very same people whom I was speaking of yesterday when I said:

The problem is these high minded fruit flies don’t have the foggiest idea what on reality is based in not a clue what the reasoning behind it was and thereby have no idea how what morality is regardless of what they consider to be moral or immoral.

In spite of all the blithing on and on about people coming out of schol being able to think for themsel;ves and question everything, the fact is that all these numbskulls are doing is, predictably, mouthing the anti-American crap they’ve been taught. The reason that these people are so blind as regards the history of this country and the basis of its morality is because that’s what they’ve been taught, by the very places that were supposed to equip them to further both themselves and the society as a whole. Instead, they’re crippling it with socialism… because that’s exactly what they’ve been taught to do. Even more frightening is the idea that what they’re being taught isn’t getting better… it’s getting worse.

I have often enough said that the biggest crime in this country has been to use the power of government in an attempt to force of bedrock change in its culture. The pattern being discussed here shows is clearly that that effort has not been lessened. The left is still using the power of government, including its educational institutions, in its attempt to force bedrock change in the culture. This results in the occasional stepping over the line by the purveyors of that Anti-American, anti-Western philosophy. Thus the stories like the one under discussion today.

At least part of the solution, of course, is the removal of government from the educational process. However the first task, I think, is identifying and correctly are reacting to the anti- American and anti western goals of the left.