Those of you read the posts that put up above lake Erie state park will recall that I made mention of the idea that that might be our last run for the year given weather conditions around western New York.  Sad to say that was exactly what happened the following two weekends did nothing but rain for 200 miles around.  So in the second weekend, I threw in the towel and commenced getting the trailer ready for winter.

Essentially, I started with four gallons of Antifreeze, and lots of plastic. I drew antifreeze through all the lines, leaving perhaps a half a gallon in each tank. Made sure all the windows were closed and locked, drained the water heater, and got some 2*4’s to set the thing on for the winter.

I then went about looking for a place to put it, for the winter. Initially we had given consideration to putting it on some property in the southern tier owned by my family.  However, this proved to be problematic at best since the ground was soft from the last two weeks of rain.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  However we have planned to have the trailer up and running in mid April if possible and therefore, ground that gets that soft is going to be a real problem, come spring, with all the snow melt off

We actually did put the trailer down on that property for about a week. However we did manage to find somebody who was capable of storing the trailer for the winner on ground that was far less volatile. So, that’s that then, the trailer will spend the winter months about 60 miles south of our house.  So ends our first camping season, abbreviated though it is.

That doesn’t mean however that this blog will be silent … not by any stretch.  It’s my intent of what all of our planning processes and things we purchase for the camping life over the winter months. I plan to have the trailer back in our driveway on April 1. However I plan to do a significant number of purchases between now and then forgetting our rig more road ready.

It’s been my intent to use this blog not only is it means transmit my thoughts and comments on camping and trailering to you, but to get some discussion going about such things.

Keep watching.