Liberty And Culture nails my thoughths on the matter of the left and their actions regards Iraq, today:

"What was wrong with this anti-war movement? Very simple - the values it reaffirms: America is a shameful country doing evil things. Their opposition to our involvement was meant to demoralize and demonize our country so that we would not have the spiritual strength to fight in the future. And this is the essence of the opposition today. Forget all the details that are offered - it isn't about the practical advantage of having a few more troops from France. Forget all the arm-chair generals - it isn't about effective post-war management. Forget all the conspiracy theorists - it isn't some hidden motive of a secretive neo-con cabal. The driving force of the opposition is a deep moral antipathy to our country's values and a desire to harm our ability to rally our people to fight for those values now and in the future."

Amen and Amen.