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Put Your Claws Back In, Guys.

Power Line [1], Bulldog Pundit [2] Captain Ed [3], Ace, [4] and Q&O [5] have all come out strongly against the content of the book being otuted by Ed Klein, which makes, by all the second and third hand accounts, some serious charges against Hillary Clinton.

Guys, look, OK?
It would perhaps be helpful to actually have READ the book in question.

Understand me clearly, I’m not defending the book, or dising it either, simply because I’ve not read it yet. Then again, neither has anyone else, including yourselves.

Sensational charges? Certainly.

Unsupported? well, let’s be logical, here…. How does one know, until one actually reads the book?

And just as logically… Of course Clintonites are going to deny the story, regardless of the origins. So, that’s no judgement.

And think about this…It’s to Clinton’s advantage to sneak an advance of such a story out and deny it, no? Reverse psychology flacking for the forthcoming run.

Let’s be honest enough to say, that there’s a lot going on here we don’t know about… which is usually the case where this woman is involved.

I’m only advising that… I’m only saying that we should hold off on the necktie party, until that requirement is filled. I will jump on with both feet on this story, one way on the other at that point. If the chatrge is unsupported, and the actual release of it is not done by Hillary supporters, I’ll happily join the lynch mob.

Meanwhile, I’ll sit back and wait.