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New Book About Hillary Clinton Criticized for Unnamed Sources

USATODAY [1] reports a quote from the Cook report:

"The book seems so over the top that I don't think it's going to be taken terribly seriously," said Charlie Cook, editor of the Cook Political Report. "The Hillary bashers will still be bashing Hillary, and the defenders will still be defending, but I don't see how this changes anything."

Well, yeah, the subject matter is over the top.
But perhaps, that’s the point.

Ya see, there are many who think the fantastic can’t possibly be true.
And that’s a dangerous mindset, that allows fantastic crimes to be worked against us. Who, for example, on 9/10/01 would have considered what happened on 9/11 to be possible? Surely, it was too fantastic to be true.

And here’s the thing; The descriptions and accounts I’ve read in the book so far are quite plausable, and fit with what we know of the woman’s personality.

In a question of which of the two situations… the 9/11 attacks and Hillary pulling the stuff as described in this book, I would consider less beleiveable, the 9/11 attacks. And the sad truth is, so too would the majority of Americans, which is why this book is getting the attention it is.

I’ll review the thing more fully when I’m done reading. But my advice to my fellows on the right; Sit back and wait for this stuff to develop before making pronouncements. Look; When you see Useless Toady banging the drum against the book, you’ve gotta figure there’s something they’d rather the people not see.