Lou Dobbs apparenly decided not to cave to the pressure from the Clintonistas, and interview Ed Klein.author of the book “THe Truth About Hillary”. Dobbs even went so far as to ask a good question:

DOBBS: Well, let me ask our director something. Do we have a clip of what Billy Graham said this weekend about the Clintons? Can we roll that and -- for the audience and for Ed Klein? I want to get your reaction to what Billy Graham, the noted, wonderful evangelist had to say yesterday, with the Clintons in attendance.


REV. BILLY GRAHAM, EVANGELIST: I thought that when he left the presidency, he should be an evangelist. Because he has all the gifts. And he could leave his wife to run the country.


DOBBS: Billy Graham either read your book or didn't agree with the conclusions. That's a remarkable endorsement, statement of personal affection and regard. Do you believe that Hillary Clinton is, in your judgment, qualified to be president of the United States?

KLEIN: I don't believe in coincidences, and I don't believe that Hillary Clinton was sitting on the stage with the most famous evangelist in America at a time when she's trying to convince the entire country that she believes in God, prayer, family, patriotism, and she isn't a leftist.

Klien also points up the idea that one major reason JPod was so down on Klien’s book is Podhoretz has one coming out, too… which I wasn’t aware of.