The culture of death this morning is having a party, based on the autopsy of Terri Shaivo, screaming that they were right all along. Well, personally, I never put a lot of weight on the autopsy. Look though this blog, and you may notice a lack of comments on it, till now. There’s a reason for that.

Why? Think; Who was the autopsy to be done by? Doctors…. who are less than likely to make pronouncements that will cause one of their own, problems.

Well, let’s cut to the chase, here; How do we know? How do we know she’d not have gotten any better?

Yes, it’s true enough that about half the woman’s brain capacity was gone. But was that ever in dispute?

However, one thing nobody’s mentioned in all these reports on the autopsy, is that we humans only use about 10% of our mental capacity. The really smart ones among us, perhaps 12%. Do the math.

We’re also told by the autopsy report that the woman was blind.  “So much for what Terry’s parents said”, is the claim from the death camps, “about her following the balloon around the room”. Well, now who are you going to trust? This report, or your lyin’ eyes? Remember, we have this stuff on TAPE, friends. Funny how they say nothing about that.

Look; as Don Herbert’s recovery after 10 years of being worse than Terri has clearly demonstrated, the doctors, including the ones at the ME’s office really don’t know the extent of the damage to her ability. And those words are perhaps the hardest ones for anyone, particularly a professional, to admit… Particularly on a public document.

But you know what? I don’t know, either.
And, neither do you.

The difference is, I’ll admit it because I don’t have an ego tied to this issue to bruise… and I don’t have millions of dollars hanging on the report being discussed.

And by the way… while I have this one open, allow me to suggest we have another such case on our hands, currently.