Been spending some time with BitsBox over the weekend, it being the first chance I’ve had to do any serious work.

I did manage to get a pop rivet gun… and started using to to reinforce the bodywork. It works very well, indeed, particuallry for the $3 price tag.  A small investment, but huge returns.

I also managed to get a better set of lift ramps so I can get my fat butt under the truck more easily. Again, small dollars… $35.

I’m having a devil of a time with the oil drain plug; some yahoo rounded it off. I’ll have to buy a new one.

I’m also having a time getting some paint for this thing… THere’s a few spots that need primer and paint… particulalry around the rear licence plate box, and on the steel plates just below the front turn signals, as well as the front of the raised roof. I’ve got the paint number, and I’m told Duplicolor makes it, but nobody stocks the color. (Shrug) Guess I’ll need to over-buy a bit, when I find some.

Turned 98,000 miles this weekend, and still turning heads, is BitsBox.