Today is the day.
Frankly, it’s a day I never thought about getting to, much less planned for.
When I started this blog, it was as an experiment… an add-on to a weekly-updated website I’d been running for two years, which in turn was an outgrowth of the weekly column I ran on many BBS’s back in the 80’s.
But apparently, the experiment’s been working.
Two years, already, now.
After 2900 posts and change,
After well over a million words typed,
After around 100,000 site hits
After 3 major site re-designs,
I can honestly say..
It’s been interesting, and fun, these last two years.

I only hope you, my readers have gotten nearly as much out of this as I have.

If you’re curious, have a look down the right column… there’s all the stuff I’ve posted to Bit’sBlog, these last two years, in archive form.