Look, man…
I don’t think it my job to teach you what the current events are. I consider that readers to this blog are generally already hip to events I’m commenting on.

I assume for example when I say “The Holloway case” or I say “Ed Kline’s book”, my readers understand what I’m talking about.  So to a large degree, it’s sheer repetition to link to MSM reporting of events. It wastes my time typing it in, my reader’s time reading it, my bandwidth, etc, and I won’t do it.

You noted that when I link, it’s more often to a fellow blogger. 
That’s true…

I will link an MSM story if I think it has an angle not many have commented on, or if it’s directly in line with a position I or another blogger has taken.. or at least I consdier a particular quote or a particular angle in the story of particular import.  But why give a run of the mill MSM site a link and the resulting traffic, when I can do the same for a fellow blogger?

There are exceptions of course, usually whena streak of lazy hits me, or time presses here at work.  But in general, you now have your answers.