So, Durbin put on an ‘apology’ yesterday… a brilliantly scripted, tightly parsed in a way that would make the Clintons proud, and in the end, a totally unconvincing apology yesterday.

One thing I found amusing was the parade of usual suspects that stood up after his sideshow and told America what a great guy this slimeball, Durbin, is. John McCain. Obama, DiFi, Joe Perfect.  What a difference between this incident and another in recent memory.

Well, MY memory, at least. Apparently there are too many who have forgotten it.

Does anyone remember Trent Lott? If you’ll recall all Lott did was speak warmly about a fellow Senator at his retirement dinner.. and for that was drubbed out of the leadership.

Durbin, meanwhile, slighted the American people, and sided with the enemies of America.  His policies and that of his party, for that matter…still operate from the words he spoke. And he’s still the number two man among Congressional Democrats… and we’re supposed to be satisfied with this outcome? 

An apology simply doesn’t cut it. Durbin needs to be gone. That he’s not tells me that fairness and moral integrity is not what Democrats are about.