Ace :

Why are liberals incensed by Rove's remarks? Because it forces them to confront an issue they'd been hoping to avoid-- the split between America-hating leftists and America-tolerating liberals.

There’s a lotta truth wrapped up in this one line.
And note, also, what group is not mentioned, because they do not exist: America LOVING leftists. I know of none, and have yet to see one. Oh, I’ve seen several who loudly proclaim they are such but their loyalties always give them away in the end.

Even the moderate liberals are tied, inexorably to the nutcases. Ace addresses this question, on that topic, too:

Let me put it in terms liberals can understand:

Would you ever in a million years allow conservatives to wink-wink nudge-nudge kinda-sorta ally themselves with racists without noting that fact, and without ripping into them for being sympathetic to racists?

Of course you wouldn't. And you don't. You're real bears on ripping conservatives whenever they use "racist code-words" to signal covert support for racism and to curry political favor from racists (whether those racist code-words are real or largely in your imagination).

So please explain to me why we conservatives should just ignore the fact that you are in a political marriage with those who actively root for American casualties and American defeat.

In response to that question, I expect a silence that would make stones envious.

Go ahead liberals… prove me wrong.