Rich Galen, this morning, makes a rather obvious point:

“Let’s make one thing clear about who is complaining about the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean. Democrats are complaining. Republicans are ecstatic.”

Well, I’m not so sure.

OK… Yes, I think it perfectly clear that Dean is a bust with the American people, and clearly, he represents a major roadblock to the Democrats ever getting anywhere with the voters. This is shown clearly by the numbers as Galen quotes them:

Fundraising in the first quarter of 2005: DNC under How-Wierd - about $18 million; RNC fundraising under Ken Mehlman: about $42 million

Cash on Hand: DNC about $7 million; RNC about $26 million

New Donors: DNC about 20,000; RNC about 68,000

Business Week magazine reported last week that a fundraiser featuring Dean in New York City had to be moved from the cavernous Javits Center to the far more modest Essex House because the crowd was so small. If you can't turn out a crowd for a DNC fundraiser in NYC you are in trouble.

On the other hand, how different from DeanÂ?s foul balls are the remainder of the Democratic Party? Not all that far, as it turns out.

I mean, look, as rancid as Dean is, heÂ?s just the guy standing in front. And as we all know, if you’re seeing cockroaches on the outer wall, thereÂ?s a lot more going on underneath, that’s even worse.

LetÂ?s consider Harry Reid, in the words of CK Rairden:

--Interviewed on CNN, Reid called Alan Greenspan, the Fed chairman, "one of the biggest political hacks we have in Washington."
-- In 2003, he spoke on the Senate floor for 8 1/2 hours straight, upset that Republicans were planning to spend 30 consecutive hours talking about four judgeships Democrats had blocked. "Amateur leadership," Reid said, assessing Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.
--"Last week, I met with the president and was encouraged when he told me he would not become involved in Republican efforts to break the Senate rules," Reid said two weeks ago. "Now, it appears he was not being honest.

So there it is, Gang, in living color: By Harry Reid’s own published statements, the president is a liar and a loser, Senate majority leader Bill Frist is an amateur and Alan Greenspan is a political hack. Sounds like Howard Dean, to meÂ? and I suspect to you, too. And Reid, as the saying goes, is not alone.

Consider the words of Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Party Presidential Ticket nominee:

"What I see happening in Washington is a concerted effort by the Administration and the leadership in Congress to really create absolute power."

Ah, yes, the “Bush ismenetler” mem, wrapped in Clintonese.
And of course you KNOW sheÂ?s gone round the bend when she starts to complain that the press has been shielding the Republicans:

"The press is missing in action, with all due respect," she said. "Where are the investigative reporters today? Why aren't they asking the hard questions? It's shocking when you see how easily they fold in the media today. They don't stand their ground. If they're criticized by the White House, they just fall apart. I mean, c'mon, toughen up, guys, it's only our Constitution and country at stake," she said. "Let's get some spine."

You mean, like the Democratic Party Fundraisers they didn’t investigate, Hillary?

She’s also on record as complaining about the Senate leadership, describing Republican leaders as messianic in their beliefs, willing to manipulate facts and even destroy the Senate to gain political advantage over the Democratic minority.

Gee; Sounds like she might be taking her cues from Howard Dean, huh?

She also on record as having labeled the House as a “dictatorship of the Republican leadership, where individual members are all but required to vote in lock-step with the majority’s agenda.”

She’s obviously got a great imagination and a fairly short memory. I remember what both houses were like when the Democrats dominated them. Those days certainly would have met her description better than what we have now. Face it, gang, if what she said were true, John Bolton would have been mopping up Turtle Bay before the snow melted. But, what can you expect from someone so detached from reality that she will with a straight face claim the Republicans are being sheilded by a willing press?

The examples of this kind of nonsense from Nancy Pelosi are too numerous to go into, but I think the point made; The Democrats are making exactly the same noises as Howard Dean is. And have you looked at the Democratic Undergound of late? Some advice: Go there BEFORE eating, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight. It amazes me that such idiots are given the right to drive… and to vote.

With all of this, I’m convinced that the less than obvious is truer than Galen’s quip, here. I think it to be an open question as to which is more damaging to the Democrats… admitting that Dean as DNC leader is a bust, or admitting that he perfectly represents his party.

And no, I don’t see those two as mutually exclusive.

That is precisely why the Democrats are in trouble just now; They lack a public position on the issues of the day. Well, they HAD a public position, but of late they’ve begun to understand that the position they’ve been touting, isn’t selling. The public reaction to their positions has been violently negative… not that you’d ever hear them admit it.  But at the least, they’re beginning to understand that the positions they hold are not popular with the American people…. That their positions on the issues are damaging their chances of gaining power again. Thus, they’ve had to back away from it. Oh, they still actually hold these unpopular positions, (thus these other comments leaking out every other day from the Demo leaders) they have just figured out telling the voter the truth of their positions is political suicide.

Leaving aside the question of the Democrats and their utter lack of intellectual honesty in trying to back away from their actual position on the issues, (which dare I say it, is hardly a new thing) this leaves us where we are today… with a Democratic party devoid of a public position on the issues, and apparently split over the actions of it’s own leadership.

What we have been seeing over the last several weeks, and what we WILL see, is the Democrats trying to deny this, and reinvent their public image.

But, mark this well; In Howard Dean the Democrats have a perfect representative.  The sewer sludge that Howard Dean has been pushing is the actual positions on the issues of the day of the Democratic Party. 

And that fact not likely to change nearly as fast as the leadership would like us to think it changed.