Outside The Beltway says Mike Tyson Loses in Sixth; Career May Be Over Forgive me if I don’t lose any sleep over this one.

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Eric Florack on June 13th, 2005

This missing girl in Aruba… I’ve avoided commenting on it, and will continue to do so until something solid comes up. But I do have to say; How many releases from the MSM are we going to see where ‘blood has been found’, and the girl’s “death has been confirmed” all of which we’ve seen […]

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Eric Florack on June 13th, 2005

Billy: But I still don’t get it. In my little band, I’m playing with three guys who can play just about anything (I’m not kidding: I’m the weakest link in the deal), and they light up like little kids when one of ’em suggests an AC/DC song. Me? I stand there and toss original rhythm […]

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Eric Florack on June 13th, 2005

New York Times is wailing this morning about proposed cuts to the CPB funding… “It is clear the G.O.P. agenda is to control public broadcasting or to defund it,” said Representative David R. Obey of Wisconsin, the senior Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee. “House Republicans have gutted funding for public broadcasting stations across the […]

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Eric Florack on June 13th, 2005

The Democrats are now engaged in an astounding attempt at misdirection. They’re trying to convince us that Howard Dean is not giving us the real picture of the positions of the Democratic Party.  In today’s Bit’sBit, I examine the situation and suggest that Howard Dean is in fact the perfect represetitive of the Democratic Party […]

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Rich Galen, this morning, makes a rather obvious point: “Let’s make one thing clear about who is complaining about the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean. Democrats are complaining. Republicans are ecstatic.” Well, I’m not so sure. OK… Yes, I think it perfectly clear that Dean is a bust with the American people, […]

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