Lockjar, over at Lockjaw’s Lair could use some kind thoughts pointed his way.

Early this afternoon, my 10 year old son fell off the playground equipment at school. He apparently did a classic bellyflop onto the ground. Afterward, he complained of sharp abdominal pain. My wife contacted me, and we decided to watch him closely until she got home so I could take a look at him. Soon after, he vomited. I did a little research on the net, contacted a local doctor, and decided to take him to the Emergency Room. My wife took him directly there, as they were still on the way home from school.

In the Emergency Room, they took blood and urine samples. The urine sample showed some blood, so they did a CT scan. The result? My son has a ruptured spleen.

In any case, having a kid in the hospital isn’t easy.