Nice to see Hanson reads my blog: (Yeah, right!!)

When we see Democrats speaking and living like normal folks – expressing worry that the United States must return to basic education and values to ensure its shaky preeminence in a cutthroat world, talking of one multiracial society united by a rare exceptional culture of the West rather than a salad bowl of competing races and tribes, and apprising the world that we are principled abroad in our support of democratic nations and quite dangerous when attacked – they will be competitive again.

Since they will not do that, they will keep losing – no matter how much the economy worries, the war frightens, and the elite media scares the American people.

OK, I’m kidding, of course…he doesn’t read this blog, so far as I know… But you’ve got to admit, he echoes I said a few days back:

….the Democrats have managed to work themselves into a proverbial corner; Every one of their big electoral issues is wrapped around radical cultural changes… changes which run directly afoul of the culture. Until either the Democrats change their tack, or the culture itself changes, the Democrats will continue to lose.

And cultures are not known to change quickly under any kind of stimuli.

Hanson’s article is, as always, well worth it.
But with so many saying pretty much the same thing, one wondersif the Democrats will EVER get the message?