Colorado Conservative is on FIRE today.

He points to a story on Metro Networks:

Deliveries of world food aid sagged by 30-percent in 2004 despite rising numbers of hungry people and record levels of money from donors.  The UN’s World Food Program says it’s disturbed by the trend that’s seen total food aid delivered from all sources decline from ten-point-three-million tons in 2003 to seven-point-five million tons last year.

Darren says:

Allright…let me get this straight…despite record levels of donations, food aid is sagging…isn’t that the UN World Food Projects fault?  Why are they having trouble getting food to needy folks if they’re receiving plenty of money?  I would be less suspicious if the UN weren’t already neck deep in the Oil For Food scandal. 

Yeah, well it takes a lot of payoffs to keep the silence, ya know…