Lonsberry points out that the pictures of Saddam in his BVD’s show us several things that are less then obvious:

They show a healthy man.

He doesn’t have any bruises. He doesn’t have any broken bones. He is being well fed and has the musculature to indicated that he’s getting appropriate exercise. He has clean and well-maintained clothes. He is in a clean environment and his hair and body seem clean, groomed and well taken care of.

And he has his head.

He’s not in shackles or chains, he’s not being mistreated, he has an area where he can move around and have a space of his own.

The pictures of Saddam in jail show that he is being treated better than every single prisoner who has been taken by our enemies in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Bob’s upset that the paper ran the photos, for other reasons, (and I disagree with him, frankly) Further, the quote I’ve posted here apparently isn’t his focus.

That said, however, I think these comments and the points they raise important, to the point of our treatment of him, vs how he (and his minions still in Iraq) treated others. Possibly, that’s why all the smoke over this matter. Better for the Baathist cause, I suppose, to be outraged about the posting of the photo, than to note he’s not being treated badly for a murderer of upwards of a million or so people.