Channel 3 says:

“ROCHESTER, N.Y. President Bush is headed to a Rochester suburb this morning to discuss his ideas for reforming the nation’s Social Security system.”

Yep… my home town.
The President is appearing at a new Performing Arts Center at a High scchool in Greece which is a working class bedroom to the northwest of Rochester. I used to know that building pretty well, years ago, when I worked at the radio station there.  If I’m not mistaken, this PAS hasn’t had ANY events previously, and if true that’s quite a break-in period!

The report says 11am is touchdown time at the Airport here.

A couple dynamcs here; The Usual MOVEON nutcases are trying to stir trouble, but the local DNC has issued a statement that says the protests will be in the Downtown district, some 11 miles away from the site.  My take from their announcement is that the DNC is afraid the biggest concern is NOT the security types whisking the protestors away, but the locals beating up on them.  i SUSPECT THEY’RE RIGHT, TOO…Greece is traditionally a Republican town… and I suspect the MoveOn nuts figure they’ll get a better reception in the downtown area.

As to security, yeah, it’s tight; The traffic was a little off the mark this morning. To be expected, I suppose.

If anything major comes up, I’ll be on it, but I’m not expecting much out of the ordinary.