Ed over at Captain’s Quarters:

“True to his word, Reid has started using all available procedural tactics to stage a temper tantrum, but now it’s just at the mere introduction of nominees for debate. What happened to Robert Byrd’s plaintive pleas for freedom of speech? Harry Reid apparently has declared free speech in the Senate to be ‘dead, dead, dead!’ ahead of its time.

Frist stands ready to employ the Byrd Option while Reid goes for the Gingrich Option. History shows how well each of them wound up working before, and nothing’s changed in the time since to think that the end results will differ. If Reid wants to block intelligence committees from meeting during wartime, let that be his legacy to American history.”

No mystery how the MSM will depict this happening.
The Republicans should have dropped the bomb on this fool months ago, in my opinion.  The more time to get some actual work done before the ’06 election at which point the record of success would carry the day at the voting booth.

Which, I think, is the one thing the Democrats fear most; A record of Legislative success on the part of the Republicans.