To my delight, Bainbridge gets in Conason’s face on Yalta and confirms portions of my previous posts on topic: (emph is mine)

As for Conason’s claim that only someone like “noted fabulist Ann Coulter” could have come up with President Bush’s remarks, perhaps he would like to explain that to the people of, say, Latvia, whose President Vaira Vike-Freiberga said on Jauary 15th:

In May of this year, Latvia will also be remembering three other important events. On May the 4th, Latvia will commemorate the 15th anniversary of its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union, following fifty years of occupation and oppression.

On May the 8th, Latvia will join Europe in celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. However, unlike the case in Western Europe, the fall of the hated Nazi German empire did not result in my country’s liberation. Instead, the three Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania were subject to another brutal occupation by another foreign, totalitarian empire, that of the Soviet Union.

On May the 9th, Latvia and 24 other countries will celebrate the 55th anniversary of the signing of the Schuman Declaration, which gave rise to what is now known as the European Union. These celebrations will be taking place in Moscow, on the same date that Russia traditionally celebrates its victory over Nazi Germany.

For Latvia, the jubilation at the fall of Hitler will be tinged with sorrow at my country’s further subjugation at the hands of the Soviet Union and the untold suffering that it imposed on our people as a result of inhuman persecution and mass deportations. But on May the 9th I will be expressing my sympathy to the Russian people as well for their losses and suffering. The Russian people played an important part in ridding Europe of one bloodthirsty tyrant – Hitler. But they, no more than people in Latvia and other countries, did not gain freedom from Stalinist tyranny and from the oppression of totalitarian Communism.

In attending the official events planned in Moscow on May the 9th, I will be extending a hand of friendship and reconciliation to the Russian people, while encouraging the present-day leadership of their country to denounce the crimes committed by the Stalinist in regime Latvia and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe. I believe it the duty of all democratic countries to urge Russia to condemn the crimes that were committed during the Soviet era in the name of communism. Russia must face up and come to honest terms with its history, just as Germany did following the end of the Second World War, and just as my own country is doing today.

Funny, but that sounds an awful lot like Bush’s speech to me.

So it does, Professor… So it does.

The reason, of course, that Conoson can’t admit this, is the Staurure of FDR in the Socialist Democratic Party then and since, up to today. They are all of one mindset. The entire way of thinking of these people is that fellow socialists can do no wrong… Stalin included.  Conoson’s spinning, is centered on that one point.

And of course we see where Putin has logded protests with about the President visiting and praising Georgia and yes, Latvia. Notice, please, that precisely none of the Democrats in this country… Conoson included… have made noise one about Putin’s protests, or about his statement a few weeks ago that the collapse of the USSR was a catastrophe. Can there by any other conclusion but that they… each of them… agree with Putin’s assessment?

I’m telling you, folks… and this is NOT going to be popular, I suppose… but..

You can’t fit water between the Democratic party of today, and the Communists. Every time they open their mouths, they prove that point.