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I wrote a bit some years ago, and have reposted it here occasionally, that dove right in to examination of the weird warnings we as consumers are provided by the various companes… and their lawyers.

Here’s one a reader sent along, the guy’s wife apparently… (now that I think of it, I HOPE it was his wife)… found on a box of Tampons:

Remove used tampon before inserting a new one.

Ummmm… Yeah. There’s an image I didn’t need.

Now, keep in mind… it’s as I said in that original posting… If you have a warning about it, it’s because some yahoo tried doing it, sued the company, and a jury of the plaintiff’s peers… by that I mean fellow idiots…. decided the suit had merit… apparently, there’s a lot of people who wouldn’t have thought that two at once would be an issue. It’s enough to cause you and I to be casting suspicious glances at the driver next to us.