You’ll forgive me if I’m less than impressed with Pakistani Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, who yesterday complained we need to be more sensitive to the feelings of Muslims, saying in part:

“The apology and retraction are not enough.  “They (Newsweek) should understand the sentiments of Muslims and think 101 times before publishing news which hurt feelings of Muslims.”

I’ll ask here the same questions I asked at Q&O yesterday…


How far does one need go to avoid hurting the feelings of a demonstrated madman?  Does the same question apply in the plural?

Look, I fully agree… NewsWeak/WaPo needs to be seriously spanked on this one, but I gotta tell ya… it’s to the point where I don’t give a hot crap about Muslim feelings when I see the kind of infantile nonsense we saw last week, following Isikopf’s idiocy.

Boortz speaks well to that one, this morning:

Tell you what: When you stop killing your own daughters; when you stop trying to lock young girls into burning buildings; when you eschew shooting school children in the back; and when I can look in a newspaper and read that Muslims are NOT involved in one way or another in revolts, insurrections and hot wars around the world — and when you’re not working so hard to kill American civilians — and when you start to show some tolerance and respect for the world’s other religions .. then maybe I’ll feel a bit more worm and fuzzy toward your incredible religion of peace.


I mean, will someone please explain the advantages of bending over far enough to be liked by such a group of people?

Then too, there are some alarming parallels, here, between this situation and the MSM’s involvement in starting the LA riots a few years back. As you may recall in that case, instead of showing the unedited version of the tape of Rodney King’s arrest, during which King was trying to beat up on the officers, trying to escape, and intead of showing the 100mph plus car chase, in which King endangered the lives of thousands, they showed the same 17 seconds of tape over and over. The continued with this until such time as the under-informed populace reacted.  In other words, the people in question were goaded into acting on essentially false information. The result was a riot that took lives property and created a public relations nightmare… for those supporting western culture….during which time we were self-rightiously told we needed to be more sensitive to the feelings of minorities.

In both cases, the rioters who actually did the damage, and the MSM who goaded them in with misinformation, share the blame for the damage done. In both cases, I fully expect neither will face the conseuquences for their actions, and rather western culture… and it’s personification that is the US establishment will catch the blame. In both cases, the rioters are not someone you’d want to marry into your family.

Whom do you suppose would benefit from this pattern?