Here we go again:

“Just now on ABC’s ‘This Week’, Sam Donaldson sneered at George Bush for tagging FDR with his complicity at Yalta for the disaster that overwhelmed eastern Europe at the end of World War II. Donaldson cited Ronald Reagan asserting that Josef Stalin had ‘broken his word’ promising elections in those countries.

I don’t have a cite from Reagan, so I can’t argue what he said or didn’t say. I will, however, point out that anyone who took Stalin at his word was a functional retard who deserved whatever he got. The tragedy of history, of course, is that the people who lived and died under the Soviet yoke didn’t deserve what they got.

(A gentle dig….)

Similarly, anyone who take the word of Donaldson… and for many of the same reasons. I’ve done a rather lengthy search and will continue to look.. but I see no such reference.

No argument about Yalta, however.