Boortz had some news this morning:

Back in the 2004 campaign, John Kerry released some of his Military records on his website…and promptly pretended that they were all there.  The truth was he selectively posted the records that made him look good.  The media, ever-eager to see Bush defeated and The Poodle elected, never called him on it.

Well, there is a bit of news today.  During an interview yesterday with the Boston Globe, The Poodle said he has signed the form SF 180, which authorizes his military records to be released.  We’ll all finally get to see exactly what the circumstances were surrounding the awarding of his purple hearts, as well as how his discharge went down.  Not that it matters too much since he’s not a presidential candidate anymore, but we’ll finally know.

Except…as is always the case, The Poodle waffled just a bit. After he and his spokesman were pressed, he reported that Kerry did sign the form, and they would get the records from the Navy, who will send out the records.

So, what they’re saying here is that Kerry gets to act as a filter for what gets released?
And how many records went missing during the time we all waited for him to sign the damned form?