Got an IPod? Got WinAmp? They don’t talk?

Apparently, now they can, via a WinAmp Plugin, that makes WinAmp a better music manager than I-Tunes.Wired News has the details

I’ve always liked WinAmp, anyway.

Oh, while I have this subject in mind, let me give you a reccomendation for another WinAmp plugin… “Sound Solution” If you’re a radio type… you’ll find this very useful. It’s like a more flexable Orban Optimod. Only thing it doesn’t have, for you AM types, is a phasing reversal to allow those high positives.

Very worth it, particularly as a prodction tool, once you get it working right. A basic understanding of audio processing is needed to get the desired effects.

I have some presets… very loud, dense presets I’ve developed for this processor. Drop me mail if you’re interested.

If you’re interested in the Ipod Plugin for WinAmp, here’s the site.