This feed from AP is just bloody hilarious….

“KETCHIKAN, Alaska — A jury found Greenpeace guilty Monday on two misdemeanor criminal negligence charges that were filed after the group’s ship entered Alaska waters for an anti-logging campaign without required paperwork.
Greenpeace’s ship came to Alaska to conduct an anti-logging campaign in the Tongass National Forest. The ship was carrying more than 70,000 gallons of ‘petroleum products’ at the time, court papers said.

State regulators charged Greenpeace, ship Capt. Arne Sorensen and ship agent Willem Beekman with multiple counts of misdemeanor criminal negligence last July for not filing the spill plan or having proof of financial responsibility in case of a spill.”

What would have been rich is if they’d actually sprung a leak… watching the reaction.
Still, I don’t suppose they’ll learn anything from the experience.

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