Outside The Beltway (Along with everyone else) notes the French voters and their rejection of the EU Constitution.

Personally, I’m curious; I see an awful lot of dancing around the causes underlying this rejection.  Is this a rejection of Chirac? Of the EU itself (Along with the prospect of handing over their sovereignty to Brussels) ?

There’s a lot of things that don’t add up here. The French are at least confused. They seem willing to vote Socialists into power there as a matter of routine, and have pretty much since WWII. Yet they seem discomforted by the logical result of 50 years of socialism…. giving up their sovereignty.

The press meanwhile, is apparently clueless as to why the French voters would reject the EU Constitution. I’m not getting a good feel for how much of the press’ apparent confusion is due to a lack of understanding of the French political landscape, and how much of it is not being willing to publicly aver that ANYONE could reject world socialism.